Packers Review

There’s a lot of casual cuntery on this week’s episode; which is quite fitting considering the content… what was meant to be the usual double-team-review, turned into a single – but with added chaos and nonsense. I’m not sure who signed off on that but rumours that the 49ers contacted Far From Lombardi to distance themselves from the cheese-obsessed franchise cannot be confirmed at this stage.

While you’re here – check out our predictions for the NFC North in the 2020 season.

packers fans
Packers fans minus cheese-foam courtesy of our friends at

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At times the NFL seems a constant carousel of players, veterans losing jobs and established stars becoming victims of the salary cap and moving on. The problem is it always seems to happen right after you've bought their jersey and unless you're loaded it gets expensive to keep replacing the names on the back. If you're a veteran NFL Fan you've suffered this, if you're a Rookie we're here to help before it's too late. This episode s a recommendation for a jersey for every team in the NFL one that should stand you the test of time and get you a decade or more of wear with pride.
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