Betting is Back

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned…

Eddie Felson, The Color of Money (1986)

I’m not gonna lie, the approaching NFL season has got me giddy, like a kid on the run-up to Christmas, and just like Christmas, I’ll inevitably be left disappointed as one team lets my acca down, it’s a like that feeling of opening another pair of socks and a Lynx Africa gift set. The sense of expectation crushed by cruel reality.

So, let the shit bets commence! When the schedules were announced for the coming season, we all went through the fixtures and came up with our predictions and in true degenerate fashion, I decided to put a bet on the 8-team-division-winners as an acca. We mostly went with the divisional favourites, all except for one deluded prescient Bears fan… (I’m definitely going to be to blame for the ‘one that let us down‘ aren’t I?!) The 8 team accumulator pays about 490/1 with William Hill, which should tell you all you need to know about our chances of this coming in!

The latest podcast includes more realistic season-long bets, as Rob gives the lads some virtual cash to make their picks (I think it’s virtual anyway, my £20 hasn’t turned up in the post yet…) There really can be some great value to be had with UK bookies on the NFL markets and each week of the season the lads will throw a tip or three your way, so tune in and decide who your top tipster is.

Betting is fun but it’s even better with free money – the link to the William Hill 2 x £15 free bets for a £10er that Tom mentions in this episode is below, or just click this link if you can’t be arsed scrolling down a few inches. Don’t be a divvy though, betting is supposed to be fun, if you can’t laugh about losing what you’ve bet, you’ve bet too much, take it easy, or you’ll end up like us lot!

Listen now wherever you prefer your podcasts or scroll down and listen right here on Far From Lombardi.

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