The birth of a new NFL season

You’ve waited so long to see them. They fill your heart with pride; an unconditional love. Expectation, the hopes and dreams for the future

And then they go 6-10 and miss the playoffs again…

Yes, it is finally here! Tom takes the reins on the podcast this week as Rob finds himself freshly elbow deep in shitty nappies and battling sleep deprivation – join them (the other lads, not Rob) as they preview the week 1 games and highlight some potential money makers and make their first acca of the season.

Congratulations to Rob and his better half on the birth of their child, the latest addition to the Chiefs Kingdom!

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Starts with Mark and Tony finishes with Tony and Rob
  1. W.T.F
  2. The beginning of the end?
  3. The Gooch Special
  4. Another Far From
  5. Sabbatical Blues

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