NFL Week 9 2020 Round Up

Week 9 NFL Results

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Week 9 Bet Results

TomWashington @ Giants Under 42L
MarkRavens (-2.5) to beat ColtsW @ 20/21
TonySteelers (-14) to beat CowboysL
IanTitans (-6) to beat BearsW @ 20/23
RobChiefs (-10.5) to beat PanthersL

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The Tipster Table Dumpster Fire

As a group we are now worse than ‘average’ – we’d have been more profitable flipping a coin! 20-24-1 on the season. Pathetic lads.


Week 10 Picks

At this stage, I’m wondering if there is any point to this …

Browns (-3.5) to beat Texans10/11
Packers (-13.5) to beat Jaguars10/11
Dolphins (-2.5) to beat Chargers 10/11
Vikings (-2.5) to beat Bears10/11
Seahawks (+2) to beats Rams10/11

Week 9 Fantasy Football Results

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Everyone’s played 8 now and it’s time to start considering just how realistic the chances are, looking at who is or isn’t making the playoffs… then there’s the actual NFL and not just the fantasy league!

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