Tony the Redeemer – week 13 bankers

So, after it was just me and Rob on the pod this week due to the other two being busy bumming one another now that Tom’s finally allowed out of his house, it’s about time someone other than Ian (the man behind the scenes) actually bothered to write an article for the site, so here it goes, wish me luck…

I know my bets haven’t looked too promising so far this season but that’s due to the fact that Rob asks me for my picks at inconvenient times in my life. So, I thought I’d right the wrongs of the season and I’m aiming to nail 5 out of 5 bets this week, putting some much needed money in the back pocket during the tight Christmas period. I’ll be picking five bets out of the 15 games available to choose from this week with a bit of background information as to why I’m picking the selection.

Bet 1: Bengals under 13.5 Points (11/10)

Obviously, I’ve got to start somewhere and for me being a huge Dolphins fan, that’s exactly where I’m going to begin. The Miami Dolphins host the Cincinnati Bengals without their rookie star-in-the-making QB who had reconstructive surgery on his knee earlier this week. It was a success, thankfully for Cincinnati fans, however, a long rehab period lies ahead for their franchise QB. It’s looking likely that Tua will again miss this game due to the thumb injury that kept him out last weekend against the hapless NY Jets. With the Dolphins holding teams to 18.6 ppg this season (2nd in the NFL) and the Bengals starting Brandon Allen again, who only managed 137 yards passing against the Giants, I can see the dolphins restricting the bengals to even less.

Sky Bet (04/12/20)

£10 on nets you £21, £11 profit: BANKER

Bet 2: Derrick Henry Over 101.5 Rushing yards (5/6)

Up next is the leader of the AFC South, the Tennessee Titans coming off a huge win against divisional rivals the Colts and Derrick Henry’s monster game (178 rushing yards & 3 scores). This week they host the Cleveland Browns who narrowly beat the second worst team in the league the Jacksonville Jaguars who relieved GM David Caldwell of his duties earlier this week. Both teams are currently 8-3 and have high hopes for a playoff run this season. The browns gave up 128 rushing yards to undrafted rookie James Robinson who has had a fine year thus far so with that and the game Henry had last week, this bet comes as no surprise.

with Sky Bet (04/12/20)

£10 on this banker returns £18.33, or £8.33 profit: BANKER

Bet 3: The Falcons to beat the Saints (13/10)

Now this one is tasty, a divisional game, the Saints take on the Falcons in Atlanta. I’ll be honest, this could just be because I’m biased towards Jameis Winston but I hate Taysom Hill! He’s not a QB! 9/16 for 78 yards, no touchdowns and 1 INT against a Broncos team that kept giving the Saints the ball? Since Taysom Hill has been named starter he’s played 2 games and thrown no TDs. His rushing ability will not save him in this game against the Falcons. This will be a revenge game and the falcons have now got some tape to watch after playing against Taysom Hill 2 weeks ago and losing in the Superdome. Falcons on the back of a blowout win against the playoff chasing Raiders have the ability to score points, something the Saints aren’t capable of doing currently. So therefore… Falcons win this game!

£10 on returns £22.50, that’s £12.50 profit: BANKER

Bet 4: 49ers to beat the Bills (4/5)

Monday Night Football, the Americans love it! Us Brits, not so much due to the fact it’s actually on Tuesday morning! It’s a big event though, a Prime Time game with AFC East leading Buffalo Bills travelling west to play the 49ers who have gotten healthier in recent weeks, and managed to beat NFC West rivals the LA Rams last week. Josh Allen has looked good this year but after he fell apart in the playoffs last season, I have no faith in him to do it in this big game. The Bills have also lost their last 4 Monday night games and I can see this one being close! So with that being said…

with Sky Bet (4/12/20)

£10 on returns £18, that’s £8 profit for those of you, like Mark, who can’t do maths: BANKER

Bet 5: Allen Robinson Over 70.5 receiving yards (5/6)

Ian’s not going to like this but the saying is the truth hurts for a reason. 2 piss poor teams face off against one another at Soldier Field on Sunday evening. The Lions away at the Bears, now I couldn’t possibly choose the winner of this one because both teams are abysmal. The Lions got rid of coach Matt Patricia and the Bears now have pick number 2 in the 2017 draft back under centre (not Watson or Mahomes) Mitch Trubisky. However, there is one stand out player in this one, and that’s why I’ve chosen this one for the bet.

£10 on this returns £18.33, that’s £8.33 profit: BANKER

So that’s it, 5 Bankers for you before Christmas, I’ll wait for my Twitter to explode with all the thank you messages for making this Christmas extra special.

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It’s a lot easier to bet if you do it with free money and William Hill are giving new players £30 in free bets for just an initial £10 wager. Click the link below, read the rules, bet sensibly and most of all, good luck!

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