NFL Week 14 2020 Round Up

Week 14 NFL Results

Week 14 Bet Results

TonyTitans (-7.5) to beat the JagsW
TomCardinals (-2.5) to beat the GiantsW
IanPackers (-7.5) to beat the LionsL
RobHouston to beat the BearsL
MarkWashington to beat the 49ersW

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The Tipster Table

We’re all in the red again… Tony moves in to top spot by virtue of being ever so slightly less shite than the rest of the other .500 teams at the top, having now only lost 55p overall.


Week 15 Picks

RobBills (-6) to beat the Broncos10/11
TonyDolphins (-1.5) to beat the Patriots10/11
MarkWashington (+5.5) to beat the Seahawks10/11
TomLions (+11) to beat the Titans10/11
IanTexnas @ Colts Under 51pts20/23

Week 14 Fantasy Football Results

Well, well, well … the table is finalised and the playoffs can begin. Mahomes-under-the-hammer limped in to the playoffs despite losing in week 14 and he joins Rob, Tom and of course the league winner, yours truly, Da-Bear-Mitch-Project. Down to the business of the championship now, with 3/1 odds, it looks a tough task for Mahomes to beat out the Far From Lombardi team and secure that winners jersey!

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Listen Now

Or listen on your favourite podcast provider… Tony drags Mehdi on to this weeks episode to save himself the embarrassment of having done no work! The lads discuss this weeks games along with their playoff implications. Rob is quick to point out the many things he’s right about while Tony only wants to talk Dolphins…

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