Championship Weekend Round Up

So there it is, we’ve got our two Super Bowl teams and I’m delighted to say it doesn’t include the Packers (obligatory: F**k the Packers!) as Rodgers fluffs yet another championship game making it 4 straight losses in his championship appearances, NFL history right there…

I think it’s fair to say the other game went according to expectation, the Chiefs giving up the lead, as now seems customary, before turning on the style and winning comfortably in the end.

Listen to the lads as they discuss how the Championship Weekend went down in more detail (and slightly less biased than my Bear Goggles!) Includes all the latest updates from the end of the NFL regular season.

Championship round results

Results from Sky Sports NFL


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Far From Lombardi Awards Far From Lombardi

This week's episode is a special awards episode, not your standard MVP but awards for moments or people who we feel showed exemplary Far From Lombardi Spirit
  1. Far From Lombardi Awards
  2. A message for Wess and The Super Bowl Recap
  3. THE Super Bowl Special
  4. The Casuals Super Bowl Special
  5. Championship Weekend 202

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