Lions and Rams Trade Reaction

The off-season hasn’t even begun yet and there has already been a blockbuster trade! A week before the Super Bowl LV takes place in Tampa, between the undisputed GOAT and the young up and coming stud and 2020 super bowl MVP, it’s the LA Rams who’ve decided to move on from Jared Goff – a man who they moved heaven and earth to move up for and take with the number 1 overall pick in 2016. Goff signed a $134 million 4 year contract extension in 2019, with plenty of people questioning the move at the time after his poor performance against the New England Patriots in the 2019 Super Bowl! The Rams lost that game 13-3 with Goff completing just 50% of his passes, zero by TDs and 1 interception…

Less than 18 months later and the Rams have realised the mistake they made, credit where credit’s due. There’s no point keeping a QB you don’t believe in, especially when the Rams have a number 1 defence and enough talent on offence to make a strong push for next years Super Bowl… which just so happens to be in Sofi Stadium where the Rams play their home games.

The Trade

So, with the news after the 2020 regular season ended that the Lions and QB Matthew Stafford were going to part ways, we all knew there would be plenty of suitors for number 9, who when healthy is a top 10 QB in the league. Maybe even top 5 on his day? The Lions have done right by Stafford, allowing him to go to a team he wanted to go to and also getting a haul of picks in return (even though the Rams don’t even have a 2021 1st round draft pick, due to the trade last year for lockdown corner Jalen Ramsey)!

Jared Goff has moved from sunny LA to Motor City and let’s be honest, the Lions are in a 2-3 year rebuild and I’d be amazed if Goff is still hanging around come the end of his contract. In addition to Goff, the Lions have also taken the Rams 2022 and 2023 1st round draft picks – the second first-round pick had to come as compensation for taking Goff’s contract on! The Rams now won’t have a 1st round draft pick until 2024! Their last first-round draft pick was actually Goff in 2016.


For me, the Lions have got the best deal for the future. New Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell has got a lot of work to do to make the Lions a competitive team in the near future especially with 2 of the teams best receivers looking highly likely to move on in the offseason. The Lions pick at 7 in the 2021 draft and with a QB not being a pressing need currently, it will be interesting to see how they go about this draft. I’d personally write this year off, trade back and acquire more assets for 2022s draft where they will have 2 first-rounders.

The Rams are the short term winners, they are all in on McVay being ‘the man’ at Head Coach. With the talent on D, if the Rams can keep all the pieces together this offseason with the cap number reducing due to Covid, they could make a strong push to go all the way. Stafford is a huge upgrade if he stays healthy and deserves a shot at going to a team capable of winning it all.

With all that being said, if the Rams fall short next year, the long term future of the Rams franchise isn’t looking too rosy; an ageing QB, who would need replacing in the not-too-distant future, and no first-round picks to make a play in the draft in the next couple of years. All of their eggs are in the one basket. If I was a Rams fan I’d be excited for the coming season but at the same time be absolutely terrified about how the franchise will look in 3-4 years.


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