Super Bowl Preview

As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to do battle with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are playing in their own back yard, the first time a team as played at home in the Super Bowl, let the FFL team get your ready for the big game.

Whether you are an NFL veteran or an undrafted rookie, the Far From Lombardi boys have been working overtime this week to bring you 2 podcast previews for the big game, one aimed at the NFL casual fan and then something a bit more in depth but, as always, with same FFL arsing around!

One for the Rookies

The Casual’s Super Bowl Special: We all know how it is for some fans and certain people, you’ve not really paid attention or ben interested all year but now it’s all anybody can talk about you’re ready to be all in, poor takes and ill-researched-opinions and all. Well we at Far From Lombardi are here for you, we’ve got you covered with the story of each team’s season, their strengths and weaknesses as well as all the nuanced bits in between that got them to the big game. So don’t be scared to look a fool as Far From Lombardi’s own fools, Rob and Tom, give you everything you need to know to not miss out.

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And one for the Veterans (and gamblers!)

THE Super Bowl Special: The lads discuss ‘The Big One’: what each team needs to do to win; things to look out for, and our Request-A-Bet specials…


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