The Far From Lombardi Awards

From Green Bay to Rhyl, it’s time for the Far From Lombardi awards. These are not your standard MVPs but awards for moments or people who we feel showed exemplary Far From Lombardi spirit.. Get on board to find out the winners of the following illustrious, highly prized categories…

  • The Tony Plant Award for Shit-housery
  • The Tom Scott Award for Acca Let-downs
  • The Mark Byrne Award for Schadenfreude
  • The Rob Thomas Award for Misplaced Egotism
  • The Ian Stokes Award for Working Behind the Scenes

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Making a mock of the draft! Far From Lombardi

The lads attempt at a mock draft with very little knowledge of the college, besides resident expert Tom of course.
  1. Making a mock of the draft!
  2. Once More With Feeling
  3. Mark's Redraft
  4. Far From Lombardi Awards
  5. A message for Wess and The Super Bowl Recap

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