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Divisional Round 2020 Far From Lombardi

Then there were four, a look back at the Divisional round and discuss the last 2 teams in each conference as one game stands in the way of The Super Bowl for each time.
  1. Divisional Round 2020
  2. Wildcard Weekend 2020
  3. Week 17 & Wildcard Preview
  4. Week 16 2020
  5. Week 15 2020



NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

A look back at the first super wild card weekend and a look forward to the divisional round as things get serious with the top seeds joining the fray.

NFL Week 17 2020 Round Up

The playoffs are here, so get on board with the latest Far From Lombardi podcast

NFL Week 15 2020 Round Up

Merry Christmas from us all! Here’s your week 15 round up, join Rob and Mark who look forward to the Christmas slate of games

NFL Week 14 2020 Round Up

The real week 14 round up is here, your latest NFL news, betting, fantasy and podcast.

NFL Week 13 2020 Round Up

Your week 13 round up is here, the latest NFL news, betting, fantasy and podcast and look ahead to week 14

NFL Week 12 2020

Week 12 finally ended, so join Rob and Tony for the latest NFL news, betting, fantasy updates to get you in the mood for Week 13

NFL Week 11 2020 Round Up

Jump in to the latest podcast with Rob, Mark and Tom (Tony is skiving again) to get you ready for the Thanksgiving NFL festivities.


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